SpongeBob SquareTower

One of my dearest friends is a private duty nurse and asked me to make a cat tower for one of her clients.  She couldn’t discuss the specifics of his illness, only that the patient was suffering from a likely terminal disease, that he’s a father of two young boys, and that one of their three cats will not leave this man’s side no matter what.  Touched by my friend’s unending compassion for her patients, I asked how old the boys are.  When she told me that they are 3 and 5 years old, I knew I had to make a cartoon character that could bring them some joy, and I got to work straight away on this SpongeBob cat tower.

The top of SpongeBob’s head serves as an ideal cat perch that can be reached in a single bound, or the cats can use his shoulders as a step.  From his shoulders, the kitties can go within SpongeBob’s mouth and nest inside.  They can exit via either shoulder or through his smiling mouth.

Bob’s body is canted back slightly, making his happy countenance visible to folks from a seated or standing position.  His SpongeBody rests on two painted Unistrut columns, and latex cleaning gloves serve as his hands.

Painted outlines around SpongeBob’s body mimic the drawing style of the cartoon, and, true to the cartoon, his Sponginess bubbles beyond his Squarepants.  The piece measures 26″ wide by 24″ deep at the base and it is 38″ tall.

Hopefully, Gary the Snail won’t be too jealous of the pets who get to perch and play on this SquareTower!



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