We were first approached early in our cat-tower career by two friends who volunteered at a local Florida shelter, asking if we would be interested in outfitting several of the free-roaming cat rooms with new cat features.  We came up with thematic designs for the rooms, which helped connect the rooms with local sights and culture.  It was a learning curve to go from one-off carpeted cat trees to making items for a shelter, but we have fully enjoyed the journey.  And the opportunities of themed cat rooms is something that informed and inspired our work at catios and cat cafes.

Since that first shelter project, we’ve had the distinct honor of working on several other animal shelters and cat sanctuaries, all the while improving on material and finish selections.  We take great pride and joy in coming up with fun and innovative cat features to make each space and project a unique visual experience in the hopes that this will entice folks to adopt a new best friend.

Cat Sanctuary Designs

When selecting cat kennels for shelters, groomers, and veterinary clinics, it is important to prioritize the health, safety, and comfort of the cats. Features such as secure design, cleanliness, and easy cleaning access are necessary for our feline friends.

Every Square Paws commercial-grade luxury cat tree is designed and constructed to meet the demands of furry friends, cat shelters, groomers, veterinary staff, and more. Keeping cats safe and clean promotes health and well-being—and healthier, happier animals will result in more adoptions.

We work with animal sanctuary owners to create cat furniture that cat lovers will adore.

Please peruse our body of work below, and, by all means…


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