Room for Cats
This One is Extra Fun!

This week marked the completion of the second cat room renovation at local Florida animal shelter, Brevard SACC (South Animal Care Center), a chance for Square Paws to once again bring an exciting new vision to life. Whereas the first room, the Harbor Room, was large and offered great opportunities for a wide variety of sea and beach items, the second room, a carnival-themed room, is much smaller.

However, since this Carnival Room is the first visual that one sees upon entering the shelter, it granted us the chance to create a striking focal point in the “Ferals’ Ferris Wheel,” an 11-perch fixed-in-place Ferris wheel with multiple-colored vinyl beds and a fleece center tube.

To compliment the Ferris wheel, we created a “Big Cat Fun House” marked by the roaring head of a lioness (in which we found two kittens cuddled and entranced in their feline fantasies). And, at the display window sits a carnival game staple: the Whac-a-mole game, refashioned as “Whac-a-MOUSE” with stations for two cat-participants while the human-guests can man the mice. Square Paws re-purposed an old TV stand, with some additions, to make the Whac-a-mouse console.

In addition, a small cat post is clad with a sign that clarifies the height requirement for riding the Ferris wheel. And the room is rounded out by a sweet mural by local artist Kelly Chamblin, depicting one of the often-seen breathtaking Florida sunsets as dusk befalls the carnival.

Where the room was once crowded with deep cages and outdated scratching posts, it now has a center space from which to find and play with your new best friend.

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