Hand Crafted


Our unique background in architecture and design results in our products having an unparalleled level of craftsmanship you will not find anywhere else.

Each handcrafted cat tree and cat condo we create is the perfect blend of art and functionality for your cat and your home.

By the time we’ve completed your project, we’ve had our paws on every square inch of it!

Feast your eyes

Have a look at some of our favorite custom cat tower pieces over the years.  We bring joy to both you and your cat by providing unique and playful custom cat towers for your home.

What makes Square Paws' cat trees different from the others?

Their cat furniture


Our cat furniture


For Every Cat

And Cat Parent!

In addition to our custom, made-to-order cat towers, we have a variety of other pieces and original works.  We love creating beautiful and functional pieces every cat family can use.

Check back often as we add new items on a regular basis. Many of our items are limited production so get them while you can!

Elevate Your Cat Tower

Doesn’t your cat deserve the best?  We work hard to provide you with our best work, whether it’s made-to-order or one of our production items.

Unique Designs

You won't find any of our designs anywhere else.

Made in the USA

All of our products are produced domestically in Florida.

Superior Quality

Each of our pieces is inspected prior to shipping for quality standards.

Our work has been featured in:

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