Cat cafes and catios have become everyday words in our modern lexicon.  The cat café concept that originated in Taiwan and Japan has expanded rapidly in the United States in the past ten years, and it has become what one of our cafe clients calls “Shelter 2.0” in helping “non cat-people” consider cats as a pet option.  Cat cafes are helping cats get adopted by the thousands!  And we’re pleased to have a hand in creating unique concepts and distinctive cat features for the cat café clients we’ve had.  As architects and builders, we approach each project with a “listening” of each client to help discern what their goals are and how we can help them achieve something truly special.

Catio Spaces by Square Paws

A catio is an outdoor cat enclosure that can provide a safe and stimulating environment for cats. It can keep your furry friends protected and happy while also preventing harm to birds and wildlife. Our catios are designed to match your home and your cat’s preferences.

We’ve been approached by several private residential clients seeking concepts and designs to make their outdoor space a kind of oasis that suits them as people and suits their cats as a place to “hold court.” With each client, our catio plans bring a sense of creativity, whimsy, and desire to source harmony for all inhabitants.

Please peruse our body of work below, and, by all means…

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