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Although we create small batches of certain cat towers, most of the items we make are built-to-order.  So it’s not outside our purview to get requests for custom colors, specific carpet types, and often for a completely custom design that’s outside of anything we’ve done before!  And we welcome all of it!

For a client in Japan, we received a request for two MusiCat towers, but the guitars needed to imitate the look of an acoustic guitar that held sentimental value for the two different owners.  So we custom-painted the guitars to mimic the photo, and then clad the cat tree with custom carpet in low-pile (her cats’ preference) in colors that suited her home décor.

Another client asked for a cat tower to help his cats gaze at the new fish tank he installed.  We came up with a concept to make the whole room appear like an underwater kitty paradise and the cat tree was fashioned as a coral reef with wooden fish we carved and a sea turtle for cat-lounging.

Pricing varies depending on size, complexity, finishes, and shipping costs, but contact us and we can discuss it.  Please peruse our various themed galleries (THERE’S A LOT TO SEE!) and let us know what we can create for you and your felines!

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