Espurresso Cat Tower

Our inspiration for this piece was the iconic Bialetti Moka Express stovetop coffee pot.  Composed of solid wood and plywood, this cat tower boasts three interior carpeted cat steps with a carpeted top “lid.”  The lid is easily removable for vacuuming the interior, and the entire piece can be disassembled into a base, top, lid and handle, connected with simple bolts and nuts (provided by us, of course).

The interior is painted a satin gray latex paint with plush gray nylon carpeting at the base “chamber” and coffee-brown nylon carpet in the top “chamber” to simulate the rise of the espresso coffee.  The exterior is primed and painted with a silver-metallic paint, with several peek-a-boo holes, including one hexagonal opening to replicate the pressure release valve of the Moka Express.

The handle is wrapped with two levels of thick, meaty, 1/2″ thick sisal, which can be clawed at from the bottom step of the handle or from the outside of the handle for those more “adventurous” climber-cats.

This cat tower is 2′-1″ from front-to-back, 3′-8″ from spout to back of handle, and 4′-0″ to the lid, with the black, solid wood lid handle rising about 10″ above.

We ship this item in two packages with instructions, requiring minimal assembly at your home.

Be sure to visit and patronize your local cat cafes, where you might meet your new best friend!  Click here for a good article on the subject!



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