The Meownorah

“We light candles in testament that faith makes miracles possible.” – Nachum Braverman

For our 2019 holiday cat-tower design, we decided to go more Old Testament this time, creating a piece that is easily converted from a simple cat tower to a Hannukah “meownorah.”

The “everyday” cat tower is comprised of a center wood post wrapped in woven sisal and painted in premium gold paint.  Carpeting is all high-grade nylon cut pile, soft to the touch.  At Hannukah, two gold-painted plinth pieces are made to slide atop the bottom platform with clips and butterfly screws to fix them in place.  Eight wood posts with custom candle-bases and wrapped in woven sisal twist easily into the inset tee nuts for a solid hold.  As each night of Hannukah arrives, a hand-painted “flame” encased in a metal sleeve fits gently into a groove atop each “candle” scratching post.

This item measures 44″ to the top platform and grows from its everyday 30″ width to a 5′-6″ width from end-to-end of the candelabra.  It measures 24″ from front to back.


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