Meowskeeping Tower

“Nothing sucks like an Electrolux”

This is a cat tower about conquering your fears.

We honestly don’t comprehend how those Internet cats can sit still whilst riding a moving Roomba when every cat we’ve ever known has been deathly afraid of every form of vacuum cleaner.

So when our own personal Electrolux (which served us well for over 30 years) crapped out, we thought, “Why not turn the thing of cats’ nightmares into a place of refuge?”  Thus was born the Meowskeeping Cat Tower.

To “upcycle” the vacuum, we removed all the inner motor components, through-bolting the canister to our typical hand-cut 3/4″ plywood base.  After wrapping the metal portion of the beater-brush module with sisal rope for scratching, we strategically notched three clamp locations to secure the rigid and flexible hose pieces.  The canister plug was retrofitted with a furry white mouse, and the retractable cord makes it fun to pull out and wiggle for your cat to attack.

The vacuum cleaner is complemented with a hand-painted, angled wood back-panel which provides the main support for the two cat-perches.  Woven sisal carpeting provides a scratchable vertical surface, while there is additional sisal rope wrapped at the post in the back.

A plush blue base carpet, hand-wrapped around a rounded front gives contrast to the two off-white carpeted platforms, also hand-tufted around curved fronts.  Lastly, a handmade feather-duster hangs below the top platform giving a “pop” of bright color to offset the neutral tones of the piece.

This tower measures 34″ x 34″ x 55″ tall, but it’s recommended to allow for a 36″ x 36″ minimum footprint, as your cats will want to circulate around the back and sides of the tower.

Weighing approximately 60 pounds, this item will be crated and shipped to your door anywhere in the lower 48 States.

Happy Meowskeeping!



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