Kitty Ferris Wheel

“Treat life like a Ferris wheel ride… you must get past the fear to enjoy the view.”  – Linda Poindexter

Well, that may not apply to cats.  Fear is hardly a cat’s go-to emotion.  Enjoying the view, however…any cat can get behind that!

Whether being up high, sleeping in the center circle, on one of the outer “gondolas,” or lounging on the base, every spot on this cat tower creates a unique point of view for your kitty.  Our first Kitty Ferris wheel was created for a nearby animal shelter, but we made this model slightly smaller, but no less intricately or impeccably outfitted.

The wheel is fixed in place to provide your cat with a sense of reliability and stability.  Each of the four pediment-posts is hand-wrapped with sisal, and a recessed box at bottom-center is equipped with a corrugated cardboard scratchpad, with finger holes below for easy pop-up removal and replacement, so your cat will have plenty of places to sharpen her claws.

Bright, colorful nylon carpeting is wrapped around solid plywood and solid wood “gondolas.  Rabbeted wheel components are sturdily held in place with “I-beam” wood construction of the wheel’s spokes with heavy-duty nuts and bolts.  Carefully placed rhinestones are fixed with high-strength epoxy to simulate the lights of a carnival Ferris wheel.

All work is hand-made and hand-painted in the USA, crafted with love for you and your favorite cat.  Free shipping to the lower 48 States on this item.

We promise you will love this piece as much as your cat!



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