Lifeguard Chair 04

This is the fourth in the Lifeguard Chair cat-tower series, and, with this model, the design intent was to have the crossbar function as the seat-back support at the top, drawing inspiration from so many amazing lifeguard stands throughout the world.  The plush, blue carpeting is upholstered with care, stopping at the central angled seat-back support, to further accentuate its dominance.

This chair is outfitted with a corrugated cardboard scratch pad (that is easily replaceable), sisal-wrapped front supports at four locations for vertical scratching, and several feather toys for the kitties to bop in and out of the steps and play with.  At its outside dimensions, the chair stands 24″ wide, 35″ front to back, and 47″ tall.

NOTE: While this model is depicted here poolside, it is NOT intended for outdoor use!



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