End Zone Kitty Tower

Winning isn’t everything…it’s the ONLY thing.

-Vince Lombardi

A tailgate party in the stadium parking lot in the dead of winter is no place for any self-respecting cat.  However, if you’re watching your favorite team from the comfort of your warm, cozy home, what better way to include your furry feline friends in your football team spirit than a custom-made “end zone” cat tower?

This design frames your cat’s climbing antics with a sisal-wrapped goal post made of painted wood and carpeting.  The gridiron green is standard, but the end zone carpet will match the uniform color of your team of choice.

Atop the rear post sits a mini replica of your team’s helmet.  This tower measures 24″ wide by 24″ deep by 50″ tall.

Model shown here is for the Indianapolis Colts.  Note that the design may change based upon carpet availability and availability of team helmet replica.

“I think he might be going for the four-paw conversion!”



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