Build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door, the saying goes.

We’ve taken the iconic, household mousetrap and enlarged it to become a playground for the world’s greatest mouse-hunter.  The birch-veneer plywood face is reminiscent of the pine block base of the garden-variety, hardware-store mousetrap, while a sisal-wrapped “spring” attached to a bent metal frame provides an ideal scratch post for your cat.  A painted wooden piece of cheese serves as the “bait,” but also functions as an added step down for your kitty.

Behind the mousetrap face is a carpeted base and three internal carpeted steps.  The top perch provides an ideal spot for your cat to keep watch for any big mousies that might get snared during the night.

This tower measures 24″ wide by 50″ high by 19″ deep (to the face of the cheese, that is).

Please note: this is NOT an operable mousetrap!  If you’re dealing with rodents bigger than your cat, we strongly recommend calling a professional exterminator!


PS Special shipping rate of $95 anywhere in the US on this item!



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