Big Cat Fun House

This item was originally designed and built specifically for the renovation of an animal shelter in a Carnival theme and represents another example of the artful work and craftsmanship of Mario Arbore.

Built on “stilts” for easy shelter-room floor mopping, this piece draws its inspiration from the many scary “fun house” facades from around the country, where the emblems and paintings on the exterior foreshadow the type of experience within.  In addition, the various steps of this fun house allow the cats to dart in and out of the house, similar to a carnival fun house.

Gothic arched openings of various sizes allow you to view inside, while cats and mice in clown makeup and funny garb adorn the exterior of the “building.”

A roaring lioness head sits at the center of the facade with outstretched tongue.  Below her tongue is a sisal-wrapped column signifying the main entrance to this cat “ride.”

Measuring 4′-10″ wide by 24″ deep by 4′-10″ high, this piece can be custom designed to a design of your choice.





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