Circus Concession Stand

Building upon a circus theme for a client from the previous year, we designed and created this “concession stand.”  Not only does this function as a cat-tower, it also serves as a nightstand to the bed within the “kitten room” in which it’s housed.  To achieve the height, we took the rolling cart of a proscenium and an elephant stand from the three-ring circus and stacked all three elements atop each other.

Custom-engraved food signs, concession sign, and the various folds of the “big top” curtain give this art piece depth and unique character.  Concealed LED rope light provides the proverbial “footlights” to the stage and cast a soft light on the interior of the concession stand.  A sisal-wrapped post within the stand gives kitties a great place to sharpen their claws.  And the nightstand top with its antiqued silver crown molding removes easily for cleaning and scratching post replacement.

We took our decorative painting cues from vintage circuses, creating a sense of curious wonderment for the onlooker.

Measuring 34″ wide by 25″ deep and 60″ tall, this item was custom-made to delight owner and kitties alike.



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