Meet Geraldine the giraffe!

This piece was created for a true lover of giraffes. A tricky design problem, the challenge here was creating a habitable cat tower in an object whose proportions are thin and long. We used the fact that two of this client’s four cats like to nest in a glass salad bowl on the kitchen counter. Thus, the giraffe’s head was formed using a wooden salad bowl, and two salad spoons were used for her ears. Tapered credenza legs were utilized for her horns, and industrial horsehair brush sweeps were attached for her mane. To make the upper part of the neck feel less claustrophobic for the kitties, we used natural sisal rope to suggest the solid background of the giraffe’s neck and let the voids serve as the “spots.”

Geraldine sits atop a 36″ by 36″ weighted base, and she is 6′-4″ tall from the floor.


1 review for Giraffe

  1. Michaela Sweat

    Hello, my name is Michaela sweat and I am a hugely blessed giraffe lover. I have just recently ran across this amazing giraffe cat tower! I have YET to purchase… yet I already know I’m am going to be presently pleased.

    • Mario

      We’ll be only too happy to create one for you, Michaela!

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