Caviar cat condo

I lived through the garbage.  I might as well dine on the caviar. – Beverly Sills

This is a true limited edition: a one-of-a-kind work of art, and it is made for that rare person who is both the quintessential caviar connoisseur and the greatest of cat spoilers.

Made of solid plywood and our finest nylon carpeting in charcoal and gold, this item features a removable faceplate “lid” and a slide-out woven sisal inner platform that can be replaced when worn and torn by your kitty.  Our purrsonally-designed label, with our tongue-in-cheek cat puns, is adorned with a hand-carved solid wood sturgeon painted in hammered silver paint.  The inner back panel is hand-painted to purrfection with each fish egg painted individually.  A blue and white cotton “seal of freshness” has snaps to allow you to remove the faceplate for inner cleaning.

Measuring 36″ in diameter and 16″ in depth, this item is shipped with a wooden wall cleat for wall-mounting.  It will require a skilled carpenter to properly install it, and we will give guidance on height of mounting in conjunction with adjacent furniture to be sure it is easy for kitty to climb up into it.


Heart option

Red heart, Hot Pink heart, Soft Pink heart


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