Sisal replacement pads

Our 2023 LoveCat Towers were designed with removable, reversible sisal scratch pads so that you can get full use and value from the woven sisal carpeting.  As any cat parent knows, cats will scratch in the same “sweet spot” of 18-20″ high, leaving the top of a scratch post looking like a wooly mammoth while the bottom is clean and pristine.  So, once your scratch pad has been torn to shreds at top and bottom, we have these replacement pads you can purchase and replace on the pedestal of the LoveCat Tower, giving you the capability of refreshing the cat tower without having to buy a new one!

NOTE: This item currently is only compatible with the 2023 LoveCat Tower.

The price shown includes ground shipping to any of the lower 48 States (no additional shipping charge).



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