Catmas Tree (stackable 2D version)

In 2017, we introduced the world’s first feline-friendly Christmas Tree, and, from the overwhelming response we got, we knew that we had tapped into a “need” as much as a “want.”

But the very next day, we realized how cumbersome and logistically unfeasible it was for us to bring this design to a large audience, not to mention how it would be stored away for the average Joe.

Our 2018 design is a bit more abstract but no less festive. This model draws inspiration from the Golden Mean that is inherent throughout nature. That, coupled with the iconic graphic image of the evergreen tree and the need to have a more modular design, gave us what you see here.

The entire set is delivered to you in a 20” x 40” x 20” box with all pieces nested inversely, which makes it easy to store during non-Catmas season. (But who’s to say you can’t decorate it for 4th of July? Besides, when is it NOT a time to celebrate something with your cat?!?)

You can choose between one with a green wood stain and three carpeted cat-platforms or order it unfinished with no carpeting, allowing you to really go wild in making this a true creative expression of your home and personal cat-style!

AND, for our DIY weekend craftsmen and craftswomen out there, we offer a PDF booklet for purchase which you can find here:

Meowy Catmas, everybody!



Green stain with carpet, Unfinished without carpet, Two-tone green sponge paint with carpet


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