Catmas Tree (3D version)

We went out on a limb with this piece.  (oof…bad pun)  But this is the ultimate Christmas cat tree!

Cat-folks are always stressed when deciding whether to put up a Christmas tree.  Whether it’s the potential for your cat getting sick from chewing on the needles or lapping up the sap in the stand, or if it’s the fear of precious heirloom baubles getting batted to the floor like playthings, it can add to an already stressful time of the year.

So we thought it was time to create an artificial tree with your cat in mind.  Thus was born the Catmas Tree!

A sturdy wood base with routed slots hold two folding leaves of the tree “body” in place along with four heavy-duty, solid wood blocks that have been painted to look like gifts, making for a very powerful base.

Hand-upholstered branch platforms snap into place with screwed brackets to the center spline, creating a rhythm of perches for your cat to scale on her way to the apex.  Smaller holes in the tree body are pre-set with hooks for your ornaments or, better yet, a catnip-filled toy, while the larger holes are bare of hooks so that kitty has a place to jump through.  Multiple hooks at the branch “fascias” provide ample places for installing a string of lights and/or more ornaments.

This piece measures 4′-2″ in diameter at its widest point and is 7′-0″ tall.  And, of course, we can customize this to your needs.  Just email us for more info!


7 reviews for Catmas Tree (3D version)

  1. Jowara Morgande

    I love this tree and the idea is great for that matter. Just can’t afford one for our two kids Jax and Tigger, but yes this is awesome. Merry Christmas.

    • Mario

      Thank you! We have a less expensive stackable version; still costly, but it takes a lot to make our items.

  2. Debbie Johnson

    Would love this for my 8 furbabies but cannot afford it

    • Mario

      We’re working on a more affordable model of this for 2022. Stay tuned!

  3. Linda

    I love it too!!! As others have said, it is cost prohibitive for me. A more affordable tree would be great!!!!

    • Mario

      Much appreciated, Linda!
      What would be an ideal price range for you, including shipping?

      Shipping heavy items can be costly. And, as you possibly have seen in the news, broken supply chains have resulted in higher material costs. So we’ve been exploring various material possibilities and finishes but would love to hear your input!

  4. Sandy Dudley

    Amazing! Would you consider selling the plans as a kit?

  5. Mindy

    Is this cat tree something that is in stock and I could get in time to use it for Christmas? Also how much is shipping?

  6. Mindy Eustes & Family (verified owner)

    Merry Christmas everyone! We saw, fell in love with, and bought the “Catmas Tree” this year as we have precious kitties that have taken out 2 different Christmas trees over the past 2 Christmases! The pictures really don’t do justice to how nice this tree is. When I first saw it, I have to admit the price held me back for a bit; but I just kept coming back to it as it looked perfect for our home. Best decision ever!! Every detail on this tree has been done with great care from all of the edges & cutouts being meticulously sanded and the carpet being perfectly formed around the fir tree shaped edges; to carefully wrapping each piece so the tree arrived in perfect condition with detailed instructions to assemble. When you look at the quality of materials and the amount of labor, care and workmanship that Square Paws put into this tree, it is more than worth the price. Plus the added bonus of the fun we had building it with our kitties exploring each part of it as we put it together.
    Thank you Square Paws and Merry Christmas!

    • Mario

      It was our pleasure to make something that will bring you and your kitties joy for many Christmases to come, Mindy!

  7. Elayne Orange

    WOW… our 17 rescue cats would love this, but gosh, the price is a very high and shipping to the UK would be even make it higher. Such a shame, but a wonderful idea for cats, well done whoever thought of it.

    • Mario

      Thanks, Elayne! We know our prices are high, but materials and shipping have gone up since 2020. Plus, we expend a lot of time and energy with a great attention to detail into items like this. So, our pricing reflects what we put into it. That being said, if you have someone who is skilled with power tools and woodworking, we offer a DIY booklet you can use to make your own.

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