This was the first cat tower Square Paws designed and built, modeled loosely after the Louisbourg Lighthouse in Nova Scotia, Canada.

This piece measures 37-1/2″ wide by 37-1/2″ deep by 90″ tall to its highest point.

Our cats tend to vie for the top nesting spot and will settle for space on the walkabout if the top spot is occupied.  Ciccio, our male tabby, finds it to be a great spring-point to trolling on the plant shelf above.


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  1. Alyssa

    I first discovered Square Paws when I was looking for a tall cat tower that was free standing. I found a carpeted lighthouse online, and decided to try and search for other nautical themed cat towers. This lighthouse came up on the google search, and as soon as I clicked into the site, I knew I needed to get one.

    I reached out to see if the sizes could be adjusted, as I needed a slightly narrower base, and wanted to go taller. Mario sent over some examples of previous lighthouses, and started to sketch up some ideas. I have Savannah cats, so they are taller than normal cats and Mario took this into consideration when making the entryways for the lighthouse. I didn’t have a lighthouse to base it on, and rather wanted something unique that would match my decor. Mario and Benedito got to work once we had a design, and I continued to get process photos along the way. As the lighthouse started to take shape, Mario would reach out with any design changes or questions, along with his suggestions. When she was finally done, it was packaged in three parts, with great care, into a crate and shipped.

    Mario and Benedito made it super easy to assemble, with wing bolts to tighten everything (although it is advised to assemble it with 2 or more people). When I say this piece is a showstopper, I mean it. This is by far the best piece of furniture in my house, and everyone is in awe of it. But most importantly, the cats love it. There’s plenty of space for napping, jumping, running, climbing, ect. They all love the top most bed, and hanging out on the walkabout. One of my Savannahs loves to play fetch, where I toss his toy to the top and he runs up it to get it, although he mostly jumps to the top!

    I wanted something unique, and that didn’t look like the standard cat tower. This lighthouse far exceeded my expectations. I will continue to order cat furniture from Square Paws, as the build quality is top notch, and you can tell the love that goes into building these pieces. Even if you have a vague idea of what you want, Mario will build off your ideas and make your dream cat furniture come to life.

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