Royal Throne

This royal infant — heaven still move about her —
Though in her cradle, yet now promises
Upon this land a thousand thousand blessings,
Which time shall bring to ripeness: she shall be.                                 – Wm Shakespeare

Inspired by my Aunt Olga in Italy, who, upon looking at photos of my first kitty lifeguard chair, exclaimed, “E’ un trono!”  (It’s a throne!)

The king or queen of the household jungle deserves no less than a proper throne upon which to behold their human subjects, don’t you agree?

This royal throne sits atop a base of four sisal scratching posts.  At its bottom level, the cats can sharpen their claws on the replaceable corrugated cardboard scratch pad, or they can jump up through the rear opening to the lower carpeted perch.  Royal Purple stain-resistant carpeting adorns the two perch levels, in combination with metallic gold paint and glass “gems.”

The flared arm layout gives the kitties the option of lounging on the chair arms, as well as the seat.  Brass furniture tacks provide the look of faux “tufting” at the seat back.  Finish nails emanate from the paw-like arm ends.  Measuring 22″ wide by 27″ deep by 62″ to its highest peak, this cat throne is perfect for your feline king or queen!

Our thanks to Lady Jinx and Princess Lana for gracing the throne during this photo shoot, your lordship.

Note: some assembly required.




Ruby Red, Purple


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