Cat Food Cando

This is the third in our cat “cando” series, this time drawing inspiration from something every cat-parent can relate to: the wet cat food can!

We’ve fashioned this stackable series of cans using solid plywood with pressed cardboard walls.  The “Turkey Lurkey” cando serves as the base.  And, while the “Winner Winner Salmon Dinner” can and “Beef in Gwavy” cans can be interchanged atop one another, there is a decided design choice in the alignment of holes and combination of “wrapper” colors in the stacking as shown.

Each cando has a plush gray carpet at the inside perch, and the top cando has plush gray carpet on the top surface.  In addition, a low-cut pile carpet is affixed to the tops of the base and middle candos so they can be used as “stand-alone” condos.

Each cando label has its own unique, hand-painted “Chickenpuss” logo, giving additional visual intrigue to the tower as a whole composition.

Individually, the cans are 23″ at their widest diameter with a generous 20″ diameter inner perch, measuring 14″ high.  Once stacked, the tower measures 43″ from base to top.

This is a singular limited edition version of this design that will likely not be offered in a hand-painted rendition like this.



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