Sardine Kitty Cando

Our “non-deluxe” (although crafted with the same amount of love and care as the Limited Edition model) Sardine Kitty Cando.

Hand-painted exterior and interior with plush gray and golden beige nylon carpeting, this kitty condo features an applied wood post wrapped in woven sisal for optimum kitty scratching.   The top has a screw-in hook to help complete the sense that this can is open for feasting!  In addition, the sisal post is easily removed for reversal or replacement.  Each cando comes with a spare sisal-wrapped post-cover because your cats will love to tear into it!

Space at top and within suits cats that like to be in caves and to be up above their domain.  An applied vinyl label with UV-coating adorns the face of this faux can.  But don’t tell your cat that; they’ll try to claw their way in to get at those tender sardines!

This piece measures 34″ wide by 22″ high x 15″ deep.  The post adds an additional 2″ face depth, and the hook adds an additional 4″ to the height.


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Fully assembled, Flat-packed, requiring assembly


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