Gingercat House – Limited Edition

This gingerbread house (which we call the GingerCAT House) requires no flour or baking powder. It comes fully assembled, measuring 18” wide by 18” deep by 28” to its peak. We partnered with the wonderfully talented Stacey Young and her mum, Debbie, at “For Mew” to create unique Christmas catnip accessories for this limited edition series.

Each house comes with a 24” x 24” red cat-mat in a snowflake pattern equipped with a Velcro pouch for insertion of catnip. In addition, the same red pad is custom-made for the flat part of the roof where kitty can lounge. A wreath and 4 catnip-filled felt “candy canes” stick to the Velcro strips which are long enough to hold them in place but short enough for your cat to pull them off and play with. (Two of the candy canes are left loose so you can taunt your cat with them through the side and rear windows.)

The sloped sides of the roof are outfitted with woven sisal, ideal for cat-scratching, and they are hinged so you can play peek-a-boo or just check if your cat’s inside. And round divots along the eaves are perfect for popping your cat’s favorite treats inside… like kitty gumdrops. But be warned: your kitty will lick them right out!

Each one of these is hand-cut and hand-painted, using unfinished MDF for the walls and painted wood and plywood for the trim and roof surfaces. Of course, you’re welcome to add your own custom paint and decoration to it like you would a traditional Gingerbread House.

The mats are machine-washable, and each Gingercat House comes with a package of treats for the eaves.

Original price was: $375.00.Current price is: $350.00.

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