August 2020

Paws Need Claws

Paws Need Claws Why do cats scratch?  We asked Dr. Jennifer Conrad, DVM and Director of The Paw Project, the nonprofit behind the anti-declaw movement to shine some light on the subject. Cats are wonderful beings Sometimes their actions are absolutely endearing, like when they’re purring, kneading, or snuggling. Other times they can be baffling […]

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Acro Cats

The Amazing Acro Cats Traffic cross-state on Memorial Day weekend was a bear, so we missed the first fifteen minutes of the Amazing Acro-Cats show in Gulfport. My recent schedule had me traveling to New York and to South Florida for various projects at sudden times, so, when Samantha Martin contacted me on Facebook about

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Cat Camp NYC

Cat Camp NYC Camping Out: Cat Camp NYC The month of March, 2017, was a particularly busy month for Square Paws. Although 2017 is our fourth year of creating cat towers, there are still many people who haven’t heard our name or seen our work. And, like any business, it’s important to “get the word

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CatConLA Square Paws was a vendor once more this year at CatConLA, the self-described Comic-con for cat people. Click the video below for a visual recap of some of our favorite moments and items we saw at the show. (Mind you, we were mostly tending to our own booth and couldn’t capture everything at the

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