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Buying a cat tree can be a great way to provide your kitty with an enriching environment and offer them their own spot to call home. When selecting the best cat tree, there are several things to consider, ranging from design and size to the materials used. The first priority is to buy cat furniture that’s suitable for a pet’s needs. However, the design should not be overlooked. An appealing, unique design will keep your pet entertained for hours.

One of the primary reasons people opt for cat trees is to protect their own furniture from the wear and tear caused by claws that love to scratch and claw on surfaces. Access to an appropriate scratching post can reduce the damage and lessen the need for cats to cling onto furniture or other surfaces, such as walls or doors. Additionally, cat trees also serve as great places not only for cats to lounge, but they are also perfect hideaways, giving them some privacy when needed – further providing a comforting feeling of security in their home.

Custom pieces

Things To Look For When Buying Unique Cat Furniture

With a registered architect at the helm, Square Paws designs cat trees relative to the aspects of proportion, aesthetics, color, texture, function, and structure.

Cat Tower Size

When it comes to selecting the right cat tree for your home, size is an important factor to consider. After all, you want a safe and comfortable environment for your furry friends while they’re relaxing. A few things to consider are the number of cats that will make use of the tree and the space for the cat tower.

If there are several cats in the household, you’ll need a larger tree or multiple smaller ones throughout the house. Not all cat furniture has the same weight limit. Make sure your cat furniture is created for your cats’ individual weights to ensure their safety when using it.

Another thing to keep in mind is that most cats prefer hiding spots and simulated natural surfaces like carpeting, sisal rope, and high platforms that allow them to jump from perch to perch — these features may require more space than some people have available in their home. However, there are modern designs that offer creative solutions

Ultimately, choosing a cat tree that fits comfortably into your living area without infringing on anyone’s personal space is essential for maintaining harmony in multi-cat households. With so much variety available on the market, there’s no reason why you can’t consider having both design and safety.

Tower Location

When considering where to place a cat tree, it’s important to take the location and size dimensions into account. Depending on the size of the cat tree, you may need to have a larger area available than you initially anticipated. Make sure that whatever product you purchase fits the width and depth clearance in your intended location. Additionally, if possible, factor in at least a few inches between walls or furniture and the edges of the cat tree so that your furry friends have room to move around without obstacles.

At Square Paws, dimensions are not an issue when designing a custom cat tower. We will make sure your cat tower fits into your space comfortably and doesn’t overwhelm the area. Tower location also impacts the materials we use.


The materials used for cat towers vary as much as the designs themselves. However, that doesn’t mean everything is equal. It is important to consider if the material used in the cat tree is safe and non-toxic. In many cases, materials are often sprayed with hazardous chemicals such as glues or paints that can either cause harm directly or upon ingestion by your pet – something which should be avoided at all costs. 

At Square Paws, we’re committed to only using the highest quality materials. Our towers are safe for cats and last for years. Because cats tend to have their own activity preferences, we’ll incorporate your pet’s favorite activities into your design. Whether you prefer to include a scratching post or stick with softer fabrics, we’ll ensure the highest quality materials.

Stability & Durability

If a cat tree is unstable or easily damaged, it’s a waste of money and won’t last very long. A long-lasting cat tree begins with a sturdy base. In addition, as we’ve already noted, we choose materials that are strong enough to withstand regular scratches from your pet’s claws. 

Assembly Required

Even when your cat tree comes pre-assembled, there may be some assembly required, such as securing bolts and screws that hold various components together. Or, you may need to attach braces to the walls. We are willing to complete a cat tree installation when requested, and this is often the case for clients like cat cafes and animal shelters where we insist on seeing that our work is properly anchored.

Square Paws fully assembles each item we make in our woodshop before disassembly and packing, and we check that our cat trees will not topple.  Items that are larger in size, such as our Lighthouse, are often shipped in segments for easier loading into your home, requiring some simple assembly of nuts and bolts.  We find that standard metal hardware ensures a secure and safe cat tree for your felines.


It’s important to evaluate what you want in a cat tree vs. what your cat truly needs in order to find the best cat furniture. Many owners choose inexpensive and poorly constructed items, and often budget for yearly replacement of cat furniture. While this is certainly an option, at Square Paws, we’re committed to designing custom cat furniture your pets will enjoy for years. 

Are you interested in learning more about our made-to-order custom cat furniture? Contact us here.

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