Sandwich Board Cat Feeder

“What’s new on the menu today?” your cat asks.

“Monsieur, today we have prepared a very unique dining experience for you where you don’t have to crane your neck to the ground to eat your kibble or drink your water.”

This foldable A-frame sandwich board sign doubles as a two-sided dining table.  Solid wood frame surrounds a blackboard on each side with a hand-painted “Lucky Cat Cafe” sign on one side.  Each dining tray is made of solid, hand-painted plywood in semi-gloss white, which can be easily installed and removed when needed.

The trays hold most standard cat bowls (two 4-1/2″ diameter slots are provided on each of the two trays), and bowls are NOT included with this item.  However, a pack of white and colored chalk and an eraser ARE included, so you can get creative with your kitty puns!

This is a limited edition, limited run of originals, so order yours today before they’re gone!



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