DIY Cat Tower

DIY Cat Tower

Very often people will say to me, “I love your cat towers, but I’d hate to invest so much money on one of them and then find that my cat doesn’t use it.”

My first response is that Square Paws cat furniture is decidedly made to be “eye candy” for your home so that, in the case that your cats AREN’T on our towers, at least you’ve got something fun and playful to gaze upon.

My second response is that, no matter what brand of cat tower you own, it’s important for your kitty to stretch, jump, and claw at SOMETHING in your home. It’s good for their physical health and good for their mental well-being. In spite of all the hours they sleep, cats need exercise just like dogs need to be walked!

So, in that spirit, we’re offering up “7 Tips to Refresh Your Cat Tower.” It’s the ultimate DIY Cat Tower guide! Try them out and let us know if it yields positive results!

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