CatConLA Square Paws was a vendor once more this year at CatConLA, the self-described Comic-con for cat people. Click the video below for a visual recap of some of our favorite moments and items we saw at the show. (Mind you, we were mostly tending to our own booth and couldn’t capture everything at the […]

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Mewsings Midlife showed up unexpectedly. I thought I had dealt with it head-on in my early 40’s when I spent gobs of money on a new office space that was too big for me. By the grace of God, I was able to sustain my practice in spite of the fact that it was the

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Animal Spirts

Animal Spirts We attract the animals as pets that reflect who we are. Mind you, I have no scientific fact or proof to back up that statement. It is merely an intuitive feeling I’ve always had throughout my life. I look at animals and their owners, and I can see the aspects that connect them.

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