The Best Modern Cat Trees

Looking for a new furniture piece for your feline friend? Finding a cat tower that doesn’t clash with your home decor can be challenging. Our custom pieces of furniture are designed with both the cat and the homeowner in mind. 

Check out our favorite custom modern cat trees. Each piece of cat furniture is made with the best materials for long-lasting contemporary designs that blend into any home.  

How to Incorporate Modern Designer Cat Furniture

The best modern cat trees are unlikely to have traditional cat tree shapes. Modern design combines beauty and functionality. A custom piece of furniture will often reflect a piece of decor and complement it in some way. 

Consider this living room design. Without taking up floor space, our unique wooden cat tower design includes cubbies with removable cushions, cat wall shelves that look like stairs, and a deep crown molding that functions as a cat perch. By using natural materials and neutral colors that blend into the wall, we created a seamless design for cats and owners to enjoy. 

ladew living room

“Modern” can often denote a kind of spare precision and austerity or minimalism.  For decor that is truly modern or even contemporary and “transitional” in aesthetic, you can utilize cat furniture that is harmonious to your interior.

For example, for this elegant interior, we designed a striking cat tree with very simple geometric shapes and enhanced the basic stacked-platform of a cat tree with soft, luxurious nylon carpet with accents of woven sisal at the base.  The sisal doubles as a textural gesture and also as a place for the cat to scratch and stretch.  In addition, we used decorative wood moldings to help the cat tree work seamlessly with the client’s surrounding room decor. The sleek design makes this cat tree feel like an integral part of the home.

Add Exterior Modern Cat Trees 

Cat furniture often reflects the cat owner’s personality and design preferences. For example, when designing a
Japanese Cat Garden, our team created a multi-functional piece of art for an exterior wall.

Even though catios can often have a stark, utilitarian look to them, there’s no rule that limits you to having unique and intriguing elements to enhance the aesthetic.  For this three-dimensional kanji symbol (which translates from Japanese to mean “sky”), we used long-lasting PVC and composite deck materials to be sure that it weathers any storm.

Make Use of Corners for Luxury Cat Trees

Our furry friends love finding creative spaces in which to curl up. The right modern cat furniture offers an excellent opportunity to create a comfortable retreat in an unused space. This modern iteration of a traditional grandfather clock incorporates space-saving cat cubbies vertically in a whimsical nod to family heirlooms. And it creates a striking visual element in an otherwise forlorn corner.

Cats love a great view, just like everyone else! This custom furniture is a great example of how a thoughtful design can brighten up an underutilized area of your living space.

florida japanese catio on porch

FAQs about Modern Cat Trees

Does a cat need a luxury cat tree?

Cat towers provide a means for cats to engage in physical activity, including climbing, jumping, and play. A modern cat tree can be likened to gym equipment for your feline companion.

How often should I replace my cat tree?

The length of time between needing to replace a cat tree will depend on the quality of its construction, as well as your cat’s personal habits. If you have purchased a higher quality cat tree that has been built to last rather than one with cheaper materials or lacking certain structural reinforcements, you’ll invest once.

When should I replace my designer cat furniture?

Pay attention to any signs that the tree may need replacing, like wobbly parts, loose pieces, and scratched or dirty surfaces. Again, this is why choosing quality materials matters!

What’s the best cat tower?

The best cat tower is the one both you and your cat love. Make sure to purchase a tower constructed of durable materials. Towers that include various sizes that can comfortably fit any size or breed of cat are pieces that will grow with you. Make sure you give your cats plenty of room to climb and explore safely inside their own space. 

Do you have additional questions about incorporating a modern cat tree design into your home or cat cafe? At Square Paws, we offer high-quality custom cat tower designs. Our modern cat tree options are only limited by your creativity. Contact us to learn more.

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