"What we forget is that... they are creatures of high spiritual development."

- Michele Sanders, animal advocate

communicating with our animals

"Usually they're so happy to talk to someone who actually understands them "

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We all have times when we wonder what our pets are thinking.  Whether it’s how a dog barks when he sees a car pass outside the window or how a cat meows softly while she’s purring, we humans can sometimes only guess. 

But not so for Michele Sanders, animal advocate and pet communicator.  Michele has developed her telepathic senses to allow her to have discussions with people’s animals, present company included.

We met Michele in 2017 when she asked us to outfit her and husband Tim’s Florida lanai to please their then three cats.  You can read about that project by clicking here.

Although it took time for her to reveal her capabilities publicly, she has assisted me personally several times in trying to understand my cats’ behavior issues.  Our first session was her communicating with my Himalayan cat, Lana, who was declawed by her previous humans.  I had approached Michele with the core question of, “Why does my cat pee outside of the litter box?”

Michele quickly got to the source of the issue, learning from Lana that the litter particles hurt her little paw-pads, as if she were suffering a thousand paper cuts each time she stepped into the litter pan.

Michele suggested using wee-wee pads or newspaper sheets in a litter box dedicated for Lana’s use, and that has been a game-changer!


I asked Michele if she wouldn’t mind speaking with me about her telepathic gifts and to explain how it works for her to speak with the animals.  She is a delightful person and such a warm, dedicated animal-lover.  We spoke for almost an hour on the subject, which I present to you in the following three parts.  Grab yourself a cup of tea or your favorite beverage and listen to part one of our talk where we discuss some of the great experiences she’s had doing this work.

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2 thoughts on “Animal Telepathy”

  1. This is an interesting article. It would be great to understand why our pets do what they do and how we can better help them. Looking at things from their point of view would help.

    1. There are a lot of animal communicators out there these days. It’s fascinating to hear how our cats relate to things. Like how us going to work equates to “going hunting” for the cats!

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